Anne-Marie Suenram - Adventures in Sound Design and Audio Engineering

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Music Production

Sound Design

In this section there are some examples of my work with sound design. A word of caution, if you want to try the games you will need to download the unity player.

  • La Luna - Sound Design

    I chose the adorable animated short "La Luna" as my final project for my sound design class at Foothill College. I edited the video using Final Cut Pro X and incorporated credits for the first time. This is the longest film clip I've ever made and it was definitely the most complicated. That said, I really enjoyed working on this film!

    I recorded the dialogue and input that in place of the original dialogue. My voice is used for the Bambino (child).

    I recorded sounds I couldn't find in a sound library and made new ones out of lots of other pre-existing sounds. The stars were created with MIDI using the Balinese gamelan bells from Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 plug-in!

    The music was arranged and played by me. The introductory song is the Sicilian folk piece "Motivo di Cantastorie" (Theme of the Storyteller), the following piece is the children's song "Stella, Stellina" (Star, Little Star), and the final song is the Sicilian folk song "Serenata Amalfitana."

  • Angry Bots

    Angry Bots

    This is a fun little game, your objective is to kill all the angry robots hanging around the base. Careful with the rocket launchers!

    All the sounds, dialogs and music where recorded, produced and edited by me (I am the hero by the way). Some fun facts: The sound in the computer room is a state of the art Silicon Simulation Rack at nvidia; and the sea sounds were recorded at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz... trying to get the kids far from the lady with the big microphone and the weird looking electronics.

  • Island Hero

    Island Hero

    This is a cute mini-game in which our hero, after being stranded, lands in an island just in time to help Amanda to get back home. Do not despair! I did not have time to script the spiders, so they don't inflict any damage.

    All the sounds, dialogs and music where recorded, produced and edited by me as well. I re-used the sea sounds from the previous games. The other nature sounds were also recorded near the Santa Cruz area.

    The sound of the bridge is actually the cracking noise from a redwood under the wind in Oakland. It was very challenging to edit.

  • Howl's Moving Castle - Sound Design

    This small video contains of clips from the Hayao Miyazaki film "Howl's Moving Castle". As I have read the Diana Wynne Jones novel that was the basis of the film, I knew that one of the main characters came from Wales. Hence, my Welsh musical influence.

    I composed this short piece of background music for a Foothill College sound design project. While the main bulk of the project was done using Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools, I ended up using Logic for composing to keep the music and sound effects separate. This piece used both the Logic MIDI library and Kontakt 5 MIDI libraries for this instrumental.

    My musical inspiration came from two traditional Welsh folk songs that I felt would suit the project: "Dacw 'Nghariad" (There's My Love) and "Sosban Fach" (Little Saucepan.)

  • Le fabeleux destin d'Amélie Poulain - Sound Design

    This was my very first film editing and sound design project. My film of choice is the visually stunning and adorable story of "Le fabeleux destin d'Amélie." As it was my first attempt at sound design for film, I chose only scenes without dialogue. The film editing was done in Final Cut Pro X while the audio was edited in Pro Tools 10.

Sound Edit/Post Production

This section lists some of my work in Sound Editing and Post-Production.